History of the tourist attraction

      Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall, located in Tao Hua Yin outside the north gate of Huaian
City, Jiangsu Province, was completed construction on January 6, 1992. Deng Xiaoping
inscribed its name, and Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Li Xiannian and Yang Shangkun all
inscribed for it. Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall is a large memorial hall built to commemorate
Zhou Enlai, the first primer of the People’s Republic of China, a towering monument to
show the demeanor of Zhou Enlai as a great man of the time. The former residence of
Zhou Enlai, located in Consort Prince Lane in the northwestern corner of Huaian, Jiangsu
Province, was formally opened to the public on March 5, 1979. On December 11, 1984,
Deng Xiaoping inscribed "Former Residence of Zhou Enlai". In January 1988, it was
announced by the State Council as a historical site under national key protection. The old
site of Zhou Enlai’s school in his childhood was where Zhou Enlai lived and studied during
6 and 10. Consort Prince Lane refers to an ancient lane about 300 meters away from the
northwestern corner of Zhenhuai Tower in ancient city Huaian. Hexia Ancient Town, after
rectifications in recent years, has gradually restored its historic look in the Ming and Qing
   We warmly welcome friends from around the world to come to Zhou Enlai’s hometown
tourist attraction. Huaian is the hometown of Zhou Enlai. Today Zhou Enlai’s hometown
tourist attraction has become an eye-catching and respected monument. Since it was
opened to the public, it has received nearly ten million Chinese and foreign visitors. Tao
Hua Yin becomes bustling again as it was in the past, left with the prints of tourists coming
to reminisce the great man.