Introduction to the scenic zone

      Zhou Enlai's hometown tourist attraction is made up of Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall,
Former Residence of Zhou Enlai, the old site of Zhou Enlai's school in his childhood,
Consort Prince Lane and Hexia Ancient Town. Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall is located in
Tao Hua Yin outside the north gate of ancient Huaian. It is made up of a memorial island,
broad waters and ring green coverage around the lake, covering a total area of 350,000
square meters, of which 70% are waters, the total construction area is 21,166 square
meters, and the total exhibition area is 7,880 square meters. On the island, there are
the main hall and the exhibition hall. In the exhibition hall is a full collection of Zhou
Enlai’s life achievements which are of great value as cultural relics. The former residence
of Zhou Enlai is composed of two houses, the easternhouse and the western house,
covering an area of 1,987.4 square meters, having 32 big or small rooms, and is built
with bricks, tiles and wood. The old site of Zhou Enlai’s school in his childhood was
where Zhou Enlai read and learned from 6 to 10. Consort Prince Lane is an ancient
lane about 300 meters from the northwestern corner of Zhenhuai Tower in the ancient
city Huaian. Zhu Yunwen, Emperor Hui in the Ming Dynasty, built a Consort Temple for
Huang Chen, the commandant-escort in the lane. In the lane also situates the former
residence of Zhou Enlai which is famous both at home and abroad. Hexia Ancient Town
boasts a history of more than 2,500 years. The famous heroine Liang Hongyu, famous
writer Wu Cheng’en and other famous historical figures were born here. In the Ming
and Qing dynasties, Hexia Ancient Town nurtured 67 palace graduates, was known as
"Home of Palace Graduates", and had very profound cultural deposits. Hexia Ancient
Town was also an important commercial port in the history of Huaian. 
   Zhou Enlai’s hometown tourist attraction was presented with the title of "National Culturally
Advanced Collective" by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Personnel in 1995; "Excellent
Base for Patriotic Education in National Heritage System" by the State Administration of Cultural
Heritage in 1996; "Advanced Collective in NationalHeritage and Museum System" by the Ministry
of Personnel and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in 1997; determined and
announced as "National Patriotism Education Demonstration Base" by the CPC Central
Propaganda Department in 1998; named "Civilized Unit in Jiangsu Province" in 1999 and a
demonstrative civilized tourist attraction in Jiangsu Province in 2000.