Zhou Enlai’s hometown tourist attraction in Huaian, after years of accumulation, has had a wide variety of
high-quality and high-taste tourist maps, postcards, catalogs, stamps, audio and video products, research
monographs, popular science books and other publicity material. As such publications and TV and film works
are becoming more and more popular, more and more tourists have known and understood Zhou Enlai’s
hometown tourist attraction. Besides, we have diversified categories of publications, including the official
magazine Monument, A Collection of the Research Papers in Zhou Enlai Memorial Place in Huaian, A Collection
of the Research Papers on Zhou Enlai and New China, Zhou’s Family Motto, and Fallen Flowers to Nurture
, etc. Besides, we have a big number of CDs, postcards, catalogs, commemorative stamp folders,
portfolios of photographic exhibitions, painting and calligraphy collections, and collections of stamps and coins.