Huaian Government Office

   Since its establishment, the Ming Dynasty had set up Huaian government office in northern Jiangsu Province, and
placed 11 counties, including Shanyang (Chuzhou District and Qingpu District in Huaian, Hongze County, Funing
County, Binhai County and the most area of Sheyang County today), Qinghe (Huaiyin District in Huaian), Andong
(Lianshui today), Yancheng, Taoyuan (Siyang today), Muyang, Haizhou (Lianyungang today), Ganyu, Suqian and
Qiaoning, under it jurisdiction, where Shanyang County was where the government office situated. In the first year
under the reign of Hongwu (1368), leader of the government office Fan Zhong made the Route Command for State
Farms and Hunting on Huaian Road the government office, repaired it, and worked therein.